Public Administration in Kentucky

Kentucky is a state that probably best identifies with the South culturally, despite being located in a unique part of the country. It’s too far West to be considered an East Coast state and too far East to be part of the Midwest. Despite a location relatively far North geographically, Kentucky has the feel of a Southern state.

Kentucky is the 37th largest city in the United States and is known as the “Bluegrass State,” due to the prominence of bluegrass in the fields in the state.

Public Administration in Kentucky

KentuckyHunting is popular in Kentucky, which has more deer and turkey per capita than any other state in the United States. It also has a large herd of free-ranging elk.

With no professional sports teams, Kentucky is best known as a college basketball hotbed in the sports world.

In addition, Kentucky’s bourbon distilleries are well known. In fact, Bourbon originates from Bourbon County, Kentucky. Now it can be made anywhere, but much of it still comes from Bourbon County.

Schools in Kentucky that Offer a Master of Public Administration

All five universities in Kentucky that offer Master of Public Administration are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration, so there are a lot of great options for resident Kentuckians to pursue the degree. The University of Kentucky, the University of Louisville, Kentucky State University, Northern Kentucky University and Eastern Kentucky University all offer a Master of Public Administration.

The University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville are the two most prominent universities on that list and archrivals in sports, especially men’s basketball.

The University of Kentucky was established in 1865 as a public university and has nearly 30,000 students. More than 7,000 of Kentucky’s students are in postgraduate programs. UK is the best research university in Kentucky according to the U.S. News and World Report. Its sports teams are known as the Wildcats, and its men’s basketball teams have won eight national championships.

The University of Louisville has about 22,000 students and is located in Louisville. It’s also a public school, but one that has been working hard of late to improve its academic reputation out of necessity. The athletic teams at the University of Louisville are known as the Cardinals, and their basketball team has won three national titles in their program history, including one in 2013.

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