Public Service Administration Career and Education

There is always a need for individuals eager to participate as a leader in public service work. There is an ongoing demand for ethical leaders in both the non-profit and public sectors. Most individuals associated with this field will have the necessary

…[a] quality accredited MPSA program will offer students all the necessary knowledge, education and analytical tools necessary to succeed”

duties to implement the policies and advanced management required to operate the government, at every level.

Typically, a public servant that is unelected is usually directly involved in public administration. Their duties focus on the organization of government programs and policies at every level that include federal, state, regional, county and city departments. The opportunities of public service are nearly endless. These jobs include human resources, city managers, budget directors, and directors of mental health, along with a variety of cabinet secretary positions.

Historically, an MPSA (Masters of Public Service Administration) degree offers interdisciplinary study on a variety of fields including sociology, anthropology, economics, law, regional planning and of course political science. The skills and knowledge that are acquired by MPSA students typically encompass a variety of disciplines and topics that are directly relevant to holding a job in the public sector. Course curriculums usually include policy process, public and non-profit finance, policy analysis, microeconomics, managerial accounting, financial management at the public level, leadership, ethics, and planning.

Masters of Public Service Administration Degree

The best way to become involved in public service administration is to obtain a master’s degree from an accredited university. A quality accredited MPSA program will offer students all the necessary knowledge, education and analytical tools necessary to succeed in performing research, policy analysis, and management skills. The master’s program lasts two years, and requires coursework involving 48 credit hours. Additional requirements include extensive professional experience. However, the college will typically offer internship programs that are not credit bearing to meet this prerequisite.

Public Service AdministrationPublic Service Administration Concentration Topics

Master level students can choose to become involved in a variety of concentration topics including health management and policy, security management and policy, local and state management and policy, along with management. In addition, master level students have the opportunity to learn everything necessary to become involved in technology, environment, or energy management policy.

At Texas A&M, the Bush School of Government and Public Service offers an accredited MPSA degree for students eager to work in PM (public management), or PPA (public policy analysis). An MPSA degree is offered for professionals that already have obtained previous management experience, and those that can acquire the experience through an internship.

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