Public Administrator – Job Outlook and Education

What is a Public Administrator?

One description of a public administrator is a government official that handles the affairs of an estate when an individual passes away and has not left behind a will or a person to settle the estate. The public administrator is tasked with conducting diligent research in order to find out whether or not there is a will or an heir. If no last testament or heirs are located, the public administrator will determine the debts of the estate and contact creditors. In some cases, assets must be liquidated in order to settle debts with creditors. Typically, a governor appoints a public administrator to each county in the state.

Public AdministratorOthers refer to public administrators as individuals that work for the government and formulate policy. Another general title is reserved a person that works in this capacity, and that is public servant. Regardless of the title, an individual that is tasked with serving the public has a great responsibility. The local, state, and federal governments are run by public administrators that have a duty to keep us safe, maintain order, and ensure that our communities are being run efficiently.

Public Administrator Job Outlook

The job outlook for a public administrator depends upon some very important factors, one of which is education. Obtaining a public administration bachelors degree is a great first step in a career path for a public administrator. However, earning a master of public administration (MPA) is highly recommended. An MPA can open a number of different doors, and not just within the realm of public service. Many non-profit organizations as well as corporations and other private sector organizations highly covet the skill set possessed by a person holding an MPA. However, if your desire is to serve the public, the job outlook remains quite positive. There will always be a need for public servants and, as the population rises, so will the number of positions available.

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