Public Administration PhD – Advancing a Career

Many graduate students choose to go back to college to get their public administration PhD in order to open up more career possibilities. There is a growing need for educated scholars that can address some of the most complex issues involving

…[o]nce a person earns a PhD, he or she is poised for a successful career as an active, productive researcher, teacher, scholar, consultant or other valuable member of the community”

public administration. A public administration PhD offers the highest level of public policy analysis and management of public services.

An individual that earns a public administration PhD gains a high level of competency in most of the core methodologies involving public services. This includes current trends and traditional intellectual thought involving public service. In general, most programs offer an advanced curriculum that includes research methodology along with public management and administration theory. Some of the coursework involves optimal communication and the tools necessary to evaluate and synthesize many of the complex issues involving public administration.

As a research degree focusing on public administration, this PhD emphasizes the activities of organizations in a democratic private sector society. Oftentimes, the faculty will search out PhD candidates that want to obtain a senior-level in public administration or are eager to enter the academic job market. Typically, a public administration PhD can be concentrated on a variety of specialties that include urban management, public policy, public finance and budgeting, administrative theory in the public forum, and others.

Public Administration PhD – Educational Outcomes

The educational process at the doctorate level involves much more than traditional coursework. It offers extensive research, in understanding the complex issues involving public policy and administration. The educational outcome derived from a balance curriculum ensures of the graduate has achieved mastery over the provided core materials and ideas. These independent scholars will be highly experienced in research methods and fully prepared to make a quality contribution to the field of public administration through their research, teaching and applications.

Public Administration PhDCareer Outcomes

Individuals earn their public administration PhD degree, like the programs offered at Tennessee State University, for a variety of reasons. Some are navigating a change in their career, while others are using the degree to advance their current career position. Regardless of how the degree is used, it is an effective way to manage one’s career.

Once a person earns a public administration PhD, he or she is poised for a successful career as an active, productive researcher, teacher, scholar, consultant or other valuable member of the community. Many, with the degree, go on to find valuable employment in the private, public and nonprofit sectors including foundations, research institutes and agencies.

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