Public Administration Degree – Degree Options and Online Education

For those interested in a career serving the public, earning a degree in public administration is the logical first step. In addition, a public administration degree will open up a number of doors that may have been previously closed to current public servants. If you have ever perused job postings for the public sector, you understand that education requirements are substantial, even for some entry-level positions. This is not a new concept.

Master of Public Administration Degree (MPA)

McKinney and Howard (2011) explained that, “[t]o obtain the best grounding and understanding to serve the public, the Founding Fathers felt that proper education was indispensable” (p. 7). It is possible to advance your career through experience alone. However, earning a public administration degree is sure to accelerate career advancement.
…[s]chools continue to expand their offerings as the demand for public servants increases”

Public Administration Degree Options

Schools continue to expand their offerings as the demand for public servants increases. As Emener, Richard, & Bosworth (2009) pointed out that, “as the need for public administration generalists has increased over time so have opportunities to acquire training in this field” (p.173). Also, there are different public administration degrees and concentrations to consider, depending upon your area of interest. For example, if you are already a public servant, maintain an undergraduate degree, and would like to become a leader in your community, there are schools that offer a master of public administration in local in state government.

Online Public Administration DegreePublic Administration Degree

Many schools have already developed an online curriculum for students that do not necessarily have a surplus of spare time due to work and family commitments. Even if travel is a common occurrence in your line of work, online public administration degree programs are designed to provide you with a high level of convenience, since you have the ability to complete your coursework and submit it online. There are no classes to attend, which means you will not have to endure a rigorous class schedule with an unbending attendance policy. Be sure to research each school thoroughly before attending so that you may find an accredited school that has the concentration that fits your career path.


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