Public Administration Bachelors Degree

Individuals that earn a public administration bachelors degree are usually those that are seeking careers in government administration and policy. They usually obtain the necessary leadership skills to effectively manage at a variety of levels. A public administration bachelors degree curriculum typically includes media relations, strategic planning, and disaster response. Students that earn the degree have acquired effective skills on exactly how to react to a critical situation by providing the proper direction and management.

Master of Public Administration Degree (MPA)

Earning a bachelors degree in public administration, like the one offered by Franklin University, provides the individual all the necessary background on their new chosen career path. They can typically obtain employment with non-profit organizations, non-governmental jobs, and at all levels of the government.…students that obtain a bachelors degree in public administration learn effective skills on exactly how to react to a critical situation”

Typically, a traditional bachelors degree in public administration will focus on finance, organizational governance and management in a variety of public service sectors. These often include the healthcare industry, fire and rescue, international and national relief agencies, along with jobs involving the federal, state or local governments.

Public Administration Bachelors Degree – A Career Path

Typically, individuals that become involved in public administration have the skills necessary to perform a variety of jobs. Holding a public administration bachelors degree allows individuals to pursue a wide array of careers. Just a few of these options include careers such as:

  • Program Analysts
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Budget Analysts and Consulting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Lobbying
  • Occupational Safety Coordination
  • Grant Writing
  • County/City Management
  • Public Utility Specialist
  • Administrative Specialist

For many public servants, earning a bachelors degree in public administration goes for beyond career aspirations; it gives them an opportunity to have a positive influence in their communities. Holzer and Schwester (2011) pointed out that each Public Administration Bachelors Degreeday, “millions of public servants provide the services that make our lives more secure, healthy, and vibrant” (p. 28). Having the necessary education and training helps these dedicated individuals effectively address the needs of the public.

Promoting the Public Good

Utilizing a public administration bachelors degree is the way for the educated individual to promote the concept of providing efforts that lead to the “public good.” They learn all the necessary skills to analyze the weaknesses and strengths when formulating a public policy. This includes understanding all of the pressures of outside interested parties that help shape public policy.

The curriculum often includes the ability to understand ethics and values and the need to develop strong private/public partnerships to deliver optimal public services. Typically, the undergraduate courses are usually taught by working professionals that are top in their field. They provide the hands-on experience necessary to understand the latest trends in public administration.

Any individual that holds a public administration bachelors degree will obtain all the necessary coursework involving practice, applications and theories focused primarily on public sector management. The necessary experience obtained through the coursework is usually gained through ongoing class participation, research reports and special projects.


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