National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration

National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA)The NASPAA (National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration) is a public policy schools association located in Washington, DC. This nonprofit organization promotes training and education for public service. It endorses the ideal model of optimal public service and public administration master’s degrees that include both MPP (Master of Public Policy), and MPA (Master of Public Administration) degrees.

It was founded in 1970, and has since served as a resource both internationally and nationally to promote the very best levels of education concerning public service. Membership in the NASPAA includes some 280 member institutions. These programs are held at the university level throughout the United States. The programs involve public management, policy and administration.

National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration Essential Actions

  • The association’s promotional efforts are accomplished by providing services directly to its institution membership. In addition, the association:
  • Develops proper standards involving all associated educational programs. It does this through the association’s Accreditation and Peer Review Commission
  • Represents the need for education involving public administration and affairs to institutions including government agencies
  • Through forums and discussions on public affairs, issues, practices and education scholarship, the association encourages curriculum innovation and development
  • By undertaking surveys, the association provides data on crucial educational issues to the public and its membership
  • Promotes opportunities for graduate employment and internships by meeting with potential employers
  • Works with professional practitioner organizations and groups, to develop educational projects
  • Collaborates in a joint effort with international public administration schools and institutes, through consortia, conferences and joint projects

Rigorous Accreditation Process

Working to enhance global awareness on the need for optimal public service, the NASPAA engages with its members. They remain involved at local levels by guiding outreach programs in an effort to promote positive policy issues in the communities.

The NASPAA assures the students that the public affairs master’s program has completed a rigorous process involving crucial peer-review to obtain its accreditation. This accreditation process involves successfully meeting the strict guidelines and standards set by National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration. The accreditation process ensures the student a higher level of education.

As a professional accreditor of a university’s public administration master’s degree, the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration ensures that graduate level students obtain the highest level of education in public policy, public affairs and public administration. To date, over 170 programs available at 162 schools have met the necessary criteria and have been accredited.

Contact Information

1029 Vermont Ave. NW, Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20005-3517
Phone: (202) 628-8965
Fax: (202) 626-4978
[email protected]

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