The International City/County Management Association (ICMA)

The International City/County Management Association (ICMA)The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) is a highly respected organization whose members are professional leaders in local government. They strive to enhance the sustainability of their communities as a way to significantly improve individuals’ lives around the globe.

The ICMA strives to promote professional management at the local government level through support and the dissemination of information through publications. They provide essential training and peer assistance that is results-oriented. Their memberships include over 9,000 county, town and city experts along with other institutions and organizations worldwide.

The management strategies and decisions initiated by members of the International City/County Management Association have a direct influence on the lives of millions of people in thousands of worldwide communities. The affected communities range from little villages to huge metropolitan areas.

International City/County Management Association Membership

There are significant benefits to joining ICMA. Every member has access to a plethora of resources offered by the organization. This includes an extensive document library that contains thousands of guides, plans, brochures, forms and other valuable materials that are routinely used by leaders in local government.

The membership also includes access to pertinent discussion groups where professional leaders share their perspectives and experiences in a group setting. There is a variety of groups available that focus on numerous specialized shared interests.

Members also have access to the job center at the International City/County Management Association organization. This powerful available resource helps employers find those interested in high-level employment. Every member has access to a full list of available jobs and all the tools necessary to develop an effective electronic resume.

The membership directory contains an impressive Who’s Who of professional leaders involved in local governments. This valuable networking tool provides all members an enormous list of contact information including the names and numbers, along with a full career history of every member of ICMA.

Credentialing Program

One of the most effective programs at ICMA is its Voluntary Credentialing database. It is filled with detailed information on ICMA members that are professional managers in local government. It contains data on their experience and education. The database serves as a way to recognize and define the members that are adhering to the highest levels of integrity. It identifies their commitment to professional development and learning.

Every member receives monthly copies of the PM (Public Management) magazine that focuses on crucial issues involving local governments. They also have direct access to an International City/County Management Association ethics advisor that can provide an outside ethical perspective when attempting to resolve troubling issues in local government.

Contact Information

777 North Capitol Street, NE Suite 500
Washington, DC   20002-4201
Front Desk: 202-289-4262
Fax: 202-962-3500
General Inquiries/Join ICMA/Manager in Transition Program [email protected]
Dues/Renewals/IDs/Passwords [email protected]

For more information about the International City/County Management Association, please visit the website at

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