American Society for Public Administration

American Society for Public Administration (ASPA)Designed to advance excellence in providing public service, the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) strives to provide the highest ethical standards at all levels of the government. Their efforts are achieved by the creation and exchange of information and literature involving public administration, and by serving as an advocate in public service standards.

Founded in 1939, ASPA is a highly respected society in the nation that represents public service. It embraces new creative ideas, especially those concerning current issues involving public service. It promotes positive change at the international and local level. Its membership is diverse, with the participation of over 9,000 nonprofit and government administrators, educators, students and scholars.

American Society for Public Administration Membership

The American Society for Public Administration is recognized as the leading organization concerning interdisciplinary services involving public administration. It works to promote the teachings, science and practice of nonprofit and public administration. Every individual that works in research, study or has a direct interest in public service is invited to join.

Active members in the American Society for Public Administration benefit from a variety of available opportunities offered by the association. Throughout the entire year, the association will co-sponsor, organize or host a variety of events for members and other individuals involved in public management. These events include workshops, conferences and webinars, held throughout the country and online.

The Goal of ASPA

ASPA works to support research, study and teachings concerning public administration. It continuously reviews current and developing legislation, and raises pertinent issues to its active members. In addition, it continually provides open forum statements and comments to enhance the understanding of public administration issues. It routinely submits letters to Congress, performs research on federal pay, and submits comments to the highest level of government agencies.

ASPA has chapters in every state in the union, including the District of Columbia. Their main goal is to promote public interest by upholding the U.S. Constitution and its laws. They actively promote participation in the democratic process and strive to strengthen the nation’s social equity. Their efforts are designed to promote the highest levels of stewardship and ethics while serving the public, by demonstrating personal integrity.

The Association for Public Administration strives to maintain a high level of responsible professionalism through ethical standards and principles from everyone working in every sector of public service. They stay firm in their resolve to put their public service above themselves.

Contact Information

1301 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20004
Telephone: 202-393-7878
Fax: 202-638-4952
E-mail: [email protected]

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